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English for Business
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English for Specific Purposes (ESP)
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Language Course
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English Language
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Upper intermediate
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If you want to work or do business in today’s world, English is a valuable skill. Our English for Business course can help you develop the language skills you need to communicate in a range of business situations.

The English used in business can be different to the English you use every day. Even if you are good at speaking conversationally, there are many business situations that might be unfamiliar to you including interviews, meetings, presentations and negotiation.

In the English for Business course, you will participate in projects related to the retail and business world. You will develop the confidence to use your English in a real business environment.

The English for Business course is offered at three levels:

  • English for Business 1 (EB1) is an upper intermediate course. It gives you an introduction to business topics and concepts. You will develop your skills writing CVs and application letters, as well as writing to basic business formats.

  • English for Business 2 (EB2) develops the skills from EB1. You will visit companies and franchises, participate in fundraising activities and practice job interviews. You will also develop professional presentation skills.

  • English for Business 3 (EB3) covers further business topics. You will do three major projects including one about the stock market, a scope project and an individual project.

You will learn skills in four main areas:


  • reading a variety of business texts

  • developing prediction, skimming and scanning skills

  • understanding meaning from context

  • taking notes on important information


  • learning to write business letters, emails, memos, and reports

  • developing self-correcting and editing strategies

  • writing with greater accuracy, and more sophisticated sentences and vocabulary

  • improving your CV and written job applications


  • following and understanding information from discussions, presentations, news reports, company visits and business excursions

  • developing note-taking skills

  • identifying the attitude of speakers talking about different business concepts


  • giving, justifying and discussing your opinions on different business topics

  • developing confidence, fluency and accuracy

  • presentations in Week 5 and 8/9.

Your learning outcomes

In this English for Business course, you will develop key skills that will prepare you for a range of real world business situations including interviews, meetings, problem solving and team projects.

You will learn to recognise healthy workplaces, and to evaluate company performance.

Our English for Business course can help you develop the language skills you need to communicate in a range of business situations.
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442 Auburn Road
Victoria  3122

Located on the University of Melbourne’s Hawthorn campus, Hawthorn-Melbourne is one of Australia’s largest and longest established English language schools.

Each year, Hawthorn Melbourne teach English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS) to more than 1900 students from all over the world.

You can study English with Hawthorn Melbourne to:

  • Enter Australian Universities and Colleges
  • Prepare for an IELTS test
  • Expand your career options or prepare for employment
  • Open up new travel opportunities and experience Australia
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