EC English

English in the City

EC English

  English in the City

Learn English in Melbourne or Sydney in a school sharing a campus with university students, giving you the perfect opportunity to mix with local people.

Program: English for Specific Purposes (ESP)
Location: Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane
Course Duration: 1 Week to 5 Weeks
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Class Size :
AU: 15 avg (18 max) / USA: 12 avg (15 max) / CA: 14.5 avg
Study Hours per Week :
AU: 23.3 / USA: 22.5 / CA: 22.5
Entry Level :
Minimum Age :
AU: 18 / USA: 16 / CA: 16
Placement Test :
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English in the City

English opens many doors in life and can be your route to a successful future. 

Real immersion

Get outdoors and learn English while directly experiencing the sights and spirit of your chosen destination. This is a unique, natural and authentic way to use and improve your English. Practise your English with local people in real situations.

Core English

This course builds your General English skills, and focuses on the language you will need in everyday situations. So in future, wherever you are, you will be able to express yourself clearly and confidently. Improve your speaking, listening and writing.

Special focus

You will spend one lesson each week outside of the classroom with your class, visiting places of interest and engaging in activities in the local area.

Themed Lessons

Structured classroom study will also support each theme, with themes changing weekly. These could include: 'Business English - Tours of Local Businesses', 'Describing Art & Culture - Museum Tours', and 'Talk like a Local - Neighbourhood Visits'.


Registration Fee in Australia: $230 / Registration Fee in the USA: $160 / Registration Fee in Canada: $130


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