EC English

EC English

Learn English to enhance and expand your career options and open up the world of education. The courses offered by EC are suitable for all levels of understanding, and are designed to focus on the area of your choice. With the help of supportive, experienced teachers, state of the art facilities and the very best teaching materials, you'll enjoy a life-changing experience and leave with the skills needed to pursue your dream.

Pre Arrival and First Day

Your EC Experience starts from the day you book your course

Before arriving at your EC school

Your EC experience starts long before your first day at school; from the moment you book your course, we'll be there to help you prepare for student life in the best and smoothest possible way.

We know that just the thought of arriving in a new country can be stressful, especially if you are travelling alone for the first time. That is why we are there to guide and support you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

At any point during your arrival or stay you can call us on our emergency telephone number (you will be given this number when you book your course). We will make your arrival a straightforward and stress-free experience.

The Orange Carpet Experience

EC's Orange Carpet Experience was the Silver Star Award winner in the 2016 UK Customer Experience Awards, setting a new standard for student care in our industry. The award recognises organisations for excellence in customer service, and our goal is to continue showing you what it means to be a VIP. From the moment you book with us until you complete your journey, you will always know you're our star!

The Orange Carpet Experience is about making each student feel special, from the very moment you book a course until months after your departure.

With access to EC Online before you arrive, to your personal welcome on arrival and on to events designed to let you get to know your teachers and fellow students - we make sure you feel like a VIP.

The EC promise and what it means to you

Here at EC, our aim is simple. We’re here to help you reach the English level you choose.

We provide the education, learning environment and social programme you need to make the progress you’re capable of.

Our unique EC Promise means that, as long as you follow your personalised learning programme and take the three steps outlined below, we promise that your English will improve.


Class attendance is an individual student responsibility. Attend 96% of your English language classes.


Compete at least three homework assignments weekly with an average score of 9/10.


Actively participate in lessons with an average score of 9/10 for participation and motivation.

Help and support

There’s even more to our promise to you: if you do everything required but you do not progress as expected, we will give you the additional lessons, help and support you need at no extra cost, to maximise your progress.*

We promise you

A friendly learning environment.
A high standard of teaching and student welfare.
Appropriate facilities for language learning.
Practical ideas and guidance for personal study outside lesson times.
A varied social programme to complement your learning.
A quick response to any questions or problems.

*Students who do not progress and wish to receive the EC Promise of extra lessons and support must contact their Director of Studies at least one week prior to departure. Other terms and conditions apply.


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