EC English

EC English

Learn English to enhance and expand your career options and open up the world of education. The courses offered by EC are suitable for all levels of understanding, and are designed to focus on the area of your choice. With the help of supportive, experienced teachers, state of the art facilities and the very best teaching materials, you'll enjoy a life-changing experience and leave with the skills needed to pursue your dream.

Support at EC

Your Support Team at EC is there for you.

Your EC experience is designed to be one of excitement, success and ultimately, to be life changing.
You’ve got a great team of people behind you, cheering you on in your journey to English fluency, and they’re with you every step of the way. Do you have a question about your classes? Ask them! About your accommodation? Ask them! Do you want to know who makes the best caffè lattes in the area? Ask them! Trust us, we’ve got you.

Your teaching team are exactly that. Your team. They’ll be with you in lessons, for one-to-ones and through EC Online, guiding and supporting you. Without you, their passion for teaching would have no focus, so your success is their number one priority.

The academic team includes published authors and education technologists. They are committed to researching and applying the latest trends in learning science and methodologies to your
curriculum and assessment.

This team helps you to actually use what you’ve learned in the classroom while exploring your
chosen city and making new international friends. These are your Student Services
Coordinators, Social Leaders and Student Ambassadors.

We want your home in your new city to be perfect for you, as it’s vital to your happiness and
learning that you feel relaxed and safe when there. Should any questions ever arise, your
accommodation team is here to talk and to help you.



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