Calling all researchers keen on Australia-India collaborations

Sunday 7 November 2021
Are you looking to collaborate with Australian researchers or perhaps Indian research groups?
Calling all researchers keen on Australia-India collaborations

The Australian Researcher Collaboration Hub–India (ARCH–India) is after research students and researchers to join their new network.

Launched in 2021 between the Indian and Australian Governments, ARCH-India provides avenues for researchers from both countries to collaborate on research projects that will benefit both nations.

Those who join will have access to potential funding opportunities, collaborations with other researchers and institutes. Members will also have access to a mentorship program, a contact database of other researchers and a repository of free online resources (journal articles, archives and more) to help their research.

In time, research students will also have the chance to participate in exchange programs between both countries.

More information on the Hub and including signing up and adding your researcher profile, can be found on the ARCH-India website.

For those who join up, we encourage you to spread the word about the platform with your colleagues, and start contributing your own case studies, news and events for researchers to discover. Then start reaching out and collaborating with other ARCH-India researchers!

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