What's it like to study Community Development and work in Australia?

Monday 17 October 2022
Community Development Officers often work within an Australian government department, local government council, or not for profit organisation to help communities identify and solve social issues. Often a Community Development Officer is involved with assessing housing needs within a community and aiming to address those needs by working with city planners, councils and the community for local input and resolution.
What's it like to study Community Development and work in Australia?

Tasks and duties include:

  • Working with community groups to resolve social issues and deliver on a range of projects such as housing projects to enhance living conditions in the community
  • Ensure processes are in place for compliance with all relevant legislation and Council policies and ensure that risks are assessed and managed
  • Identify assets and capacities within the community
  • Make funding applications with relevant organisations
  • Act as a facilitator to promote self-help in the community
  • Coordinate the delivery of services that contribute to improved outcomes for the community
  • Engage with a range of internal and external stakeholders to foster and sustain partnerships
  • Report writing, working with boards, advisory groups and committees

How do you become a Community Development Officer?

You’ll need a complete the right course to become a Community Development Officer in Australia.

  1. Complete a Diploma or Bachelor degree in community development, social science or related field.
  2. Gain relevant experience in community development, with a combination of management, service delivery, strategic planning, community development and project management.


The job opportunities in Australia at the moment are good as there are a range of community issues stemming from economic conditions after the pandemic. The average annual salary for Community Development Officer jobs in Australia range from $65,000 to $85,000 pa. Also the projected job growth over the next 5 years is 14.6% according to SEEK.

What can you expect in these roles?

The good things

Community Development is a very broad role so it never gets boring. One day you can be putting together a project, then the next day you’re organising focus groups. Community Development requires a broad range of skills and you’re always learning something new. It’s a very rewarding career, developing community members, putting into place programs to help individuals cope with daily life, and for many giving them the opportunity to reach their potential.

Some of the challenges

Communities are made up of many different individuals with differing opinions on what’s needed in their community. Communities can tell you how much they need a service/project and then potentially not support, participate or use that service you have spent time arranging. And with this there are the challenging personalities that come with different groups of people.  But if you like a challenge and really enjoy working with people there’s a great sense of achievement when you organise a great event or activity that receives good feedback and positive outcomes.

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