Be Smart in Choosing the Right Course

Sunday 29 December 2019
Be Smart in Choosing the Right Course

Whether it is a STEM-related major (IT, Engineering, Biology, Mathematics, etc.) or a non-STEM related major (Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Music etc.) thousands of sophisticated disciplines are designed to educate enthusiasts to enable them to achieve their dreams. Whether that be generating wealth, improving the quality of life or being innovative in their job.

But the simple question is what are the key factors in choosing a study major as a pathway towards prosperity in Australia?  A difficult choice that can often be confusing with many influencing factors.


In this article, we are focusing on 5 fundamental tips which will help you to gain a clearer landscape when making your choice to study in Australia. There is no order in this listing and they all play a remarkable role in your decision-making process.


Before reading this article, please keep in mind two things:

First, there is NO single formula to succeed, however human experiences in various professions like scientists, actors, athletes, entrepreneurs have demonstrated these items below are the best ingredients in your individual recipe for success.

Second, despite these being applicable to various degrees, the main focus is on undergraduate and postgraduate courses at university. These can still be applied to other study choices though.


  1. Set your goal

Each person has a different set of goals. Typically, they can be categorised into either long-term or short-term goals. By setting a goal, a student is specifying what they wish to achieve after graduation such as happiness, financial earnings, a prestigious job title  or perhaps the pursuit of a higher degree and high-profile academic position.

Whatever the case may be, the goal must be clear and concise to construct the backbone of your educational journey.

To begin with, list your goals without any details or deep consideration.


  2. What’s your passion?

If you haven’t discovered it yet, do it now. Sometimes passion is not inherent and needs to be cultivated and developed. This process has been already started since you were likely a successful student at school. Now, it is time to pay attention to this essential element of your success when picking a study major at university. This not only motivates you but becomes the centre of your universe which all your efforts, interests, and subsequent actions will  gravitate towards.

Don’t be misled by the vibes out there. I am not saying be ignorant or closed-minded but, either explore or create your passion before completing your university application.

There are well-known personality tests such as Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to assist you in narrowing down the subjects that align with your interest in your future study.


  3. Talent and Skillset

Having a wide range of skills looks fantastic but at the same time also challenging as it can make it harder to select the best option. Even though the number of options as a result are broader, a variety of majors would in effect also suit you. On the other hand, possessing a limited skill set is beneficial in terms of being less confused about your choice.

Also do not discount your talents. This is what you are born with and are distinctive attributes that will make you unique and successful in your professional career. So, think of your talents and skills to decide what study major will be your best option.

The main point is that entering a major which you have zero skillset or any talent for is not recommended!


  4. Industry awareness

It seems unwise to just study in a major without researching the target country and relevant industry demands. At the end of the day, the economy matters. It is different in each country and even the city and state. Metrics like employability, types of industries, government plans and facilities give you some idea of the timing for when you become a fresh Australian university graduate.

According to the Department of Jobs and Small Businesses released data, Australia’s most in-demand jobs include:

  • Software Programmer
  • Nursing
  • General Clerk/ Admin
  • General Practitioner
  • Advertising Manager

The chart below shows the average weekly income of an adult full-time employee by industry in May 2019 (Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics)


You can also have a look at more indicators from


  5. Counsel with professionals

Apart from individual research, there are plenty of qualified people and organisations that are in the business of helping students to choose the best field of study at university. It can be alumni from the university, agencies, or career counsellors. As they are knowledgeable in this area, counselling many students daily and often have established relationships with the institutions, it’s highly recommended to have a chat with them. Study English in Australia counsellors can also help you with your study choice.

Be sure you prepare a list of questions in advance to avoid missing any vital information.

All the best with your choice, it will be one of the most important of your life but will also start you on your journey to achieve success.


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