EC Brisbane
EC English Brisbane.
Improve your English in Brisbane.
Learn English in Brisbane for all the benefits of a big city and experience beautiful warm weather all year round.
Located in the heart of the city, EC Brisbane provides a true feel of Australian life.
Explore all the entertainment options of the South Bank area and swim at nearby Streets Beach.
If this mix of beach and city life excites you, then an English course in Brisbane would be perfect for you.
All students are supported, your attendance and course progress are monitored during your enrolment periods.
We offer free language workshops to boost your learning.
Our free Conversation Club, which changes topic every session, allows you to use your speaking skills in a practical setting.
While our weekly Movie Club enhances your comprehension.
Courses include General English, Evening General English, English for Work.
English in the City, IELTS Exam Preparation and English for Academic Purposes.
Study English at EC Brisbane!

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