Famous Australians Ep 1

In this Episode we take a look at Australia’s famous people.
Not all of them are celebrities, some are well known internationally and others are recognised only in Australia or famous in their field.
From Actors, Musicians, Models and Sports stars to Politicians, Medical Practitioners and Activists, Australia has produced some amazingly influential people who have made a massive difference to our society and helped to make the world a better place.
Here’s a list of Australian people in no particular order who have made their mark for a range of different reasons.

0:00 Famous Australians
0:36 Russell Crowe
2:40 Olivia Newton-John
4:57 Hugh Jackman
6:36 Delta Goodrem
8:39 Keith Urban
12:30 Nicole Kidman
16:08 Mel Gibson
18:31 Kylie Minogue
23:02 Paul Hogan
24:32 Germaine Greer
26:56 Don Bradman
29:26 Cathy Freeman
31:25 Anthony Field
33:24 Elle Macpherson

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