Famous Australians Ep 2

Hey Callum here again from Study in Australia TV.
Today we’re going to continue our look at Australia’s famous and most interesting people.
Here’s a list of Australian people from Actors to Media moguls who have made their mark on us.

0:00 Famous Australians
0:14 Chris Hemsworth
1:54 Cate Blanchett
5:58 Julian Assange
9:10 Julia Gillard
12:30 Kerry Packer
14:23 Miranda Kerr
15:18 Steve Irwin
17:07 Toni Collette
19:40 Barry Humphries
22:11 Rachel Griffiths
24:57 Geoffrey Rush
27:11 Jennifer Hawkins
28:23 Hugo Weaving
30:34 Jessica Mauboy
33:23 Rupert Murdoch
35:45 Naomi Watts
38:05 Guy Sebastian
40:56 Tina Arena
42:54 Hamish Blake
43:52 Tim Minchin

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