Ep 10: Bus, Law & Environment

#studyinaustralia Hi this is Tenielle from Study in Australia TV.

In our last episode we talked about the Australian University system, qualifications quality of the Australian Higher Education system and what factors are important in choosing which University to study at in Australia.

In this Episode today, Episode 7, we’re going to concentrate on Study Disciplines and Career options in Australia across three discipline areas.

Business, Management and Commerce programs

Law and Legal Studies programs

and Agriculture, Environment and Veterinary Science programs.

When deciding what to study it’s important to understand the relevance of a particular course in relation to the associated career path or job options.

In this Episode we’ll give you an overview of courses in these areas what Professional Associations are relevant to those courses and what career pathways and job options are available in Australia if you stay on after your studies and access the Post Study Work Visa.

Remember the program information we’ll cover today is general so can vary slightly between institutions.

But it will give you a good overview of the areas you can study in Australia and what career or job it may lead to.

So let’s start with Business, Management and Commerce.

The Business, Management and Commerce discipline is one of the most popular program areas for international students coming to study in Australia.

Studying in this field will provide you with an understanding of how businesses and organisations work in Australia.
You can expect to develop critical decision-making skills when undertaking studies in this field and build a career transferable in the global workforce.
In the Business, Management and Commerce field of study, you will learn the theory and practice of professions such as:
Actuarial Studies,
Banking & Finance Business Management,
Event Management,
Hospitality & Tourism Human Resource Management,
International Business,
and Property Studies.

So, what are your course options in this area?
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