Destination Perth

Why Study English in Perth?
With over 55,000 International students Perth offers an amazing study experience.
Known as a STEM hub and Engineering capital,
Perth has more than 100 quality education providers.
Some interesting facts about Perth.
Perth is Australia’s 4th largest city with a population of 2.14 million people.
Consistently rated in the top 50 international student cities in the world.
A clean and modern city with many restaurants of diverse cuisine,
and a great music scene.
It’s generally cheaper than other Australian cities so ideal for the budget conscious student.
The sun is always shining with an average of 8 hours of sunshine per day all year round.
Thanks to the mining industry, Perth has the highest per capita self-made millionaires of any city in the world.
The landscape is spectacular with beautiful Kings Park overlooking the city.
The city and surrounding areas offer a 'city-meets-the-sea' lifestyle,
which is truly inspiring with many beautiful beaches close to the city.
You can also drive south of the city to surf at some amazing surf breaks.
Or take a ferry to Rottnest Island and visit the Quokkas, WA’s cutest animals!
Visit world class wineries in Margaret River south of the city.
Or swim with Dolphins at Monkey Mia north of Perth.
Or visit the Horizontal Falls west of the Kimberley Ranges in the far north.
International students enjoy a more relaxed west coast lifestyle,
with fantastic job and career opportunities.
Perth has a comprehensive and diverse education sector with a mix of public and private education providers.
Ranging from Schools, English and Pathway Colleges, TAFE and Universities.
It’s known as a premier destination for science, technology, economics and mathematics.
So study English in Perth and have an immersive Australian experience.
Where you’re never too far from the beach or the exciting things in this beautiful cosmopolitan city.

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