Destination Brisbane
Brisbane, has so much to offer students!
Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland has a population of 2.4 million.
And boasts a cosmopolitan lifestyle with a thriving arts and music scene.
Queensland is commonly referred to as the Sunshine State with more than 300 days of sunshine per year. Brisbane summers are famous for the subtropical humid heat often cooled by beautiful afternoon storms. Brisbane is consistently ranked in the top 20 best student cities globally.
It’s also Australia’s 4th most affordable student city.
With great public transport discounts and affordable accommodation options.
Brisbane is also home to some of Australia's finest institutions.
With three Universities ranked in the top two percent in the world.
Plus a range of institutions across all sectors providing programs for all levels of international study. This includes Schools, Vocational training, pathway to University programs including English Language courses.
Brisbane is also one of Australia's fastest growing capital cities for employment growth.
And offers a great range of opportunities for international students in retail and hospitality as well as longer term career options.
10 great reasons to study in Brisbane: 1. It’s the capital of the sunshine state with 300 days of sunshine per year.
2. Brisbane is affordable with one of the lowest costs of living in comparison to some other Australian cities.
3. The student accommodation is world class with a range of quality student accommodation options available.
4. Brisbane’s education providers are world class with some of Australia’s finest higher education institutions located here.
5. Your Australian bucket list is right on the doorstep with big attractions including the Great Barrier Reef, the Daintree Rainforest, stunning coastal beaches and Queensland’s Gold Coast theme parks.
6. It’s easy to get around with a 50% concession rate on TransLink public transport services for international students . 7. Brisbane is a safe and welcoming city with an annual City Welcome Festival with free music and food. 8. Brisbane is a multicultural city with a diverse and inclusive community with many cultural events and festivals . 9. Brisbane celebrates the arts with a wide range of museums, art galleries and the Performing Arts Centre. 10. Brisbane is Australia’s most sustainable city with more than 2000 parks scattered throughout the city.
As a study experience Brisbane satisfies everyone with great study options, world class institutions.
And a cosmopolitan lifestyle, full of fun activities in a beautiful yet cost effective environment.
Whether you’re studying at University or planning a working holiday or you need to improve your English Brisbane is a fantastic destination.
So start planning for your future now and study English in Brisbane!

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