Study In Australia Tv Introduction

Study in Australia TV is a new and exciting channel that provides you with valuable information about studying and living in Australia

You can find out information on why Australia is such a great choice
Watch interesting videos on different city locations
Better understand what the Australian people are like
And all the interesting facts about the Australian lifestyle

You’ll also understand some of Australia’s history
And some information on Australian Politics and it’s laws
And importantly find out more about the Australian Education system so that you make the right decision for your future

There are so many important factors for you to consider when you’re thinking about studying abroad
Choices like which City you’ll live in
which Institution you’ll study at
What course you’ll study
And what your future career options may be

You’ll find out why Australian Education is so highly regarded
And all the potential institutions you can choose from here in Australia
you may want to study a Bachelor degree or Masters program
you might be considering a Vocational course at TAFE
Or you might need to finish your schooling
We can help you choose which course is best for you

It’s also likely you’ll need to improve your English
To make sure you’re well prepared for your academic course
A higher level of English will also make it easier in every day life

We’ll also give you information on different study disciplines
like Business, Engineering, Health or the Arts that are available in Australian institutions
Watch interesting information on possible career or work options
In case you’re eligible to apply for the Post Study Work Rights Visa
And stay on and work in Australia after your study is completed

You may want to see what types of accommodation are available
Or what it’s like to take the bus, go to the beach
what the food is like or even the weather in different parts of Australia
We’ll show you all the wonderful places to visit in Australia as well

Study in Australia TV is a great source of information for you
To help you better understand what it’s like in Australia
And you can watch the videos with your family and friends
So they feel comfortable about where you’ll be studying

We’ll also tell you all the steps you need to take to start your journey
There’s so much to learn
it’s such a fantastic country, safe and affordable
And the people are friendly and welcoming

All of this fantastic information will help you make the best decision for you
And you’ll feel more comfortable and supported when you arrive in Australia
So keep watching Study in Australia TV
There’s lots of interesting information coming your way soon..

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