Ep 15 Regulatory Framework

#studyinaustralia In this Episode today, Episode 10, we’ll discuss the Regulatory Framework associated with International Education in Australia.

International education in Australia is controlled by a number of Acts of Parliament and associated regulations at both the Federal and the State Government level.

This Episode outlines how these operate and which government department is in charge of what.

You might ask ‘Why does Australia regulate its International Education Industry’?

Also ‘How is this regulation achieved’?

The Australian Government introduced legislation in 2000 called The Education Services for Overseas Students or more commonly known as The ESOS Act.

The ESOS Act is the primary Australian legislation regulating international education.

The ESOS Act regulates:
• The Registration process and obligations of registered institutions or providers
• The Tuition Protection Service protecting students
• And the enforcement and compliance powers of the government bodies.

There are three main objectives:
Firstly, to provide financial and tuition assurance to overseas students, for courses that they have paid for.

Making sure that students receive the tuition they have paid for if for whatever reason an educational institution closes.

Students are provided with alternative tuition or are given a refund.

Making sure that students have access to nationally consistent arrangements to deal with student complaints or grievances.

Secondly to protect and enhance Australia’s reputation for quality education and training services.

Making sure that the education and training of overseas students meets national standards.


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