Ep 29: Student Visa Update

Find out the latest Student Visa information..

0:10 Why Study in Australia?
0:50 What are student visa application requirements?
1:26 Letter of Offer
2:10 Student Visa Subclass 500
2:42 Current Temporary Student Work Rights
3:14 Student Visa Fees
3:36 Student Visa Processing Times
4:25 Important Student Visa Requirement
5:26 What is a COE?
5:56 English Proficiency Requirements?
7:11 Program Entry Requirements
7:33 What is GTE?
7:51 How to address the GTE?
8:58 Financial Requirement
9:45 Overseas Student Health Cover
10:37 Health Requirements
11:22 Character Requirements
11:46 Covid19 Impacts

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