Ep 32: Architecture, Building Design & Construction Professional Bodies and Career options

In this Professional Bodies Episode we’ll talk about Study Discipline information, Professional Bodies and Career options across the areas of Architecture, Building Design & Construction.

We’ll tell you what Professional Associations are relevant to these discipline areas and what Career pathways and Job options are available in Australia if you stay on after your studies and access the Post Study Work Visa.

If you have any questions please let us know in the comments..

00:46 Architecture programs in Australia
3:44 Undergraduate level programs in Architecture, Design and Building
4:10 Postgraduate programs in Architecture, Design and Building
4:30 Accreditation as an Architect
6:41 Job opportunities in Australia in Architecture
7:02 Job opportunities in Australia for Quantity Surveyors
7:23 Job opportunities for Interior Designers
7:41 Job opportunities for Urban Planners
7:55 Job opportunities for Construction Managers

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